Are too many inquiries keeping you from growing your business?
Do You Keep Getting Denied The Funding You Need To Take Your Business To The Next Level
Getting denied the funding you need for your business  is just a symptom of a bigger overlooked problem - too many inquires.

And if you’re struggling with removing your inquiries, just know that it’s not your fault!

Most of us were taught to start your business, make money  and easily apply for funding  giving us access to thousands. However, nobody taught us that these inquires are the difference between reading those sweet words APPROVED or the frustration and disappointment  of seeing DENIED. 
But Now, You Can Change All of That
By having the right tool at your disposal, you can drastically change your situation.

It can remove those pesky inquiries and take you from  from living paycheck to paycheck in your business to gaining access to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars you need to finally take your vision to the next level. You can stop worrying about overhead expenses, no marketing budget or even putting food on the table.  

With those inquiries removed, you’ll finally be able to leverage capital from banks or other institutions, escape the business rat race, and start building the company you always dreamed of.

And today, you have the chance to do just that.
Rapid Inquiry Removal 2.0
Your Personal Cheat Code for rapidly removing inquiries and getting approved
Learn how to effectively remove credit inquiries so you can pave the way for  access to the capital you need RIGHT NOW 
With the Rapid Inquiry Removal 2.0 Form You’ll be able to
Remove inquires that are sabotaging your chance to expand your company vision
Finally gain access to the capital you need to hit your income and overall goals for the company

Be able to market and promote your company without financial stress even during the pandemic. 
With Rapid Inquiry Removal 2.0, you will finally have the strategy that will be the difference maker and bring you one step closer towards getting the capital you need for your business. 

Let today be the turning point for you, your business, and your access to the money you need to make your vision a reality!
What people are saying ……..
I’m very pleased to have had the pleasure of working with Shawn & his team. I learned so much about my credit. Shawn is very trustworthy, honest and super knowledgeable. No call, email or text went unanswered. Shawn was always patient when explaining the process, he would take whatever time it took to make sure I understood. I appreciate that so much!
I will always recommend Moodie Bluez. Thank you for everything!!

S. Wilson
I feel very fortunate that Shawn and his business were introduced to me! Shawn and his team are awesome to work with and they identify ways they can help you that you may not have even thought of. Specifically he found some unsavory information on my credit report that I didn't even know about and got it cleaned up right away. Also, I was able to use Shawn's expertise and industry connections to get funding for my business, without his help I may not have survived the pandemic. I really appreciate the guidance and knowledge they have provided me and my business!

Dan L.
Working with Shawn Moodie has been life changing for me. I met Shawn several years ago and became a client of his, while on my quest to become financially literate and learn all that I could about money and credit matters. He was extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and under his guidance, he provided me with the information, tools and resources I needed to become financially successful. I was always confident with the feedback and suggestions I received from Shawn and never second guessed his expertise.
C. Williams
Shawn Moodie
Shawn Moodie is the founder and President of Moodie Bluez Consulting, a MWBE certified credit services practice, focused on helping people repair, improve or maximize their credit. Founded in 2013, Shawn and Moodie Bluez have helped thousands of people not only maximize their credit scores, but also achieve their financial goals, including homeownership. Mr. Moodie also founded CBM Business Solutions in 2018 to help entrepreneurs establish and build business credit, as well as get access to funding.  
Master the secrets to Removing Credit inquiries so you can build Wealth and Live Financially Free Today!
"I was looking at new ways to stay ahead in the market and to build my brand whilst staying relevant. Since spending time with Ed he has helped me in so many ways to develop my business and my personal brand and shown me many ways to generate a greater income. I recommend coming to his live events, they are absolutely fantastic and a must if you want to become more successful."
Richard Jones 
Winner of Britian's Got Talent

"I came to Ed because I wanted to grow my personal brand and there is no one better in the market to help you build your brand and business at the same time. His help has been priceless and with his help we were able to reach a much larger audience." 
Julianne Ponan
CEO - Creative Nature
Virgin Start Up Key Note Speaker 
Youngest National Natwest Everywoman Artemis Award Winner
The Guardian's Leader of the Year
"I came to Ed because I needed help setting up my business. Over 10 years later now, we have been friends and business partners. There is no one I trust more and he has been instrumental in my life on a personal and professional level. I urge you to spend time with Ed as he will only bring out the best in you and empower you with all you truly need to be fulfilled and successful." 
Dr Melaine Lee
Chief Scientiftic Officer at BTG Plc

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